Officially Open: Hotel Verde Zanzibar – Azam Luxury Resort & Spa – April 2018 Newsletter

Hotel Verde Zanzibar – Azam Luxury Resort & Spa, has officially opened its doors to the public as Zanzibar’s & East Africa’s greenest hotel –

BHA Lighting were privileged to have been commissioned to produce the lighting design for the island’s greenest hotel. The five star Hotel Verde Zanzibar – Azam Luxury Resort and Spa is one of its kind. Set just outside historic Stone Town, it is the ideal base for a relaxing or adventurous break. Operated sustainably, the hotel offers 106 beautifully decorated luxury rooms all ocean-facing with views of the coast or the mangrove forests. Their range of dining options promise to tantalise your taste buds, while their world-class spa will melt away your cares.

Designed to be chic and luxurious, the rooms are stylish, sophisticated and contemporary, accented with Zanzibari art and décor. All penthouse suites boast private hot tubs on their terraces, providing the ultimate setting for relaxation.

Hotel Verde is a complete green experience to behold. The designs throughout the entire project have sustainability at its core. Not only is the building sustainable, but green principles, processes and measures ensure all operations are eco-friendly and continually assessed for improvement.


Daniel Hammond, BHA lighting designer, designed all of the interior and exterior lighting for the 106 bedroom guest building, main reception building interior lighting which included all back of house areas, shops, restaurants and cafes as well as the exterior of the building.

Philip Hammond, designed all of the landscape lighting along all walkways, the two marinas, the pathway lighting to the beach, the standing wave pool and all roadway lighting.  All roadway lighting consisted of solar pole area lanterns which provide autonomous operation with 3 rain day capability when minimal sunlight is available.  The exterior lighting design encompassed an area of 576,000 sq m.

We worked closely with Ecolution Consulting and performed the many very complex lighting calculations required for IEQ-7 and the Green Star rating system for energy effiency in buildings.

The hotel is set to lead the way in the green economy sector in East Africa by being a flagship for green technology whilst further developing sustainable tourism as Zanzibar’s greenest hotel.

The hotel will be offering guests a carbon neutral stay and conferencing experience and has registered with the Green Building Council of South Africa to target a 5 Star Green Star SA as-built certification. Some of the many sustainability interventions include renewable: energy generation, 100% LED lighting, occupancy sensors, grey and black water recycling systems, waste management, demand controlled ventilation, regenerative drive elevators and an intelligent heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system which is highly efficient in heat recovery for the purpose of hot water generation.

The hotel is situated 4km from the burgeoning Stone Town and a 2-minute walk to the beach. The 106 rooms offer guests 5-star ultra-luxury standard rooms and luxury suites, a spa, a gym (fully equipped with energy-generating gym equipment), 3 restaurants, conference facilities, entertainment, a gaming room and a kids’ club –  all whilst ensuring a sustainable stay.


I am not able to send you each an Easter Egg, but here’s the best that I could do!

The gift of Easter Eggs should remind us of the significance of this time when they went to look in the tomb and found He had gone!

To our Jewish friends and students

Wishing you joy and many blessings
at Passover and throughout the year!

We want to welcome you to the BHA School of Lighting!!!

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the BHA School of Lighting.

  • Jannie Malan, Province Lighting, Cape Town – BHASL003: Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course
  • John Kujwana Tau, Mekan Engineering Services, Kimberley – BHASL018: Online RELUX Standard Course
  • Lufefe Wilson Mlungu, Mbawe Consulting Engineers, Mthatha – BHASL018: Online RELUX Standard Course

Special training for PetroSA engineers in Mossel Bay over the period 13 to 15 March 2018 – BHASL016:

  • Osmond Ngcizela, Izazi Technologies
  • Luncedo Gadu, Izazi Technologies
  • Jannie van Aswegen, PetroSA
  • Thomas Theron, PetroSA
  • Emile Engel, PetroSA
  • Rowan Josephs, PetroSA
  • Kevin Moodley, PetroSA
  • Clyde September, PetroSA
  • Henk Chandler, PetroSA
  • Koos de Wet, PetroSA
  • Mkhanyisi Zulu, PetroSA
  • Riaan Aucamp, PetroSA

Happy birthday! Have an awesome day and be blessed throughout the year ahead!

  • Thomas Theron, Mossel Bay, 1 April
  • Nadia Franco, Pretoria, 2 April
  • Anke de Wit, Windhoek, 7 April
  • Mark Walsh, Windhoek, 8 April
  • Clint Davids, Cape Town, 11 April
  • Stuart Spooner, Johannesburg, 12 April
  • Sean Schoombie, Johannesburg, 17 April
  • Morena Chabalala, Johannesburg, 20 April
  • Johan Dippenaar, Cape Town, 23 April
  • Marious Lourens, Durban, 23 April
  • Adriaan Wykmans, Kempton Park, 25 April
  • Tobias Wykmans, Kempton Park, 25 April
  • Johann Staats, Port Elizabeth, 27 April
  • Kevin van Schelt, Cape Town, 27 April

Announcing a Brand New Short Course

BHASL018: Online RELUX Standard Course

After receiving more requests than I can remember, I relented and have introduced this course.  The enrollment cost is R4,200.00 per student.  Professional practices who would like to enroll 4 or more staff members for the course are asked to communicate with me for group rates.

Students will elevate their lighting design skills so significantly after the successful completion of this course.

The students enrolled for the Diploma in Illumination Engineering study the same material and much more during their second year before writing their final examinations.  It includes completing the lighting design of an entire shopping centre using manual calculations without the use of computer software.

For more details or group rates, contact:

Philip Hammond 081-523 5374 or

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The Last Episode in the Series of Internet of Things (IoT) – Hospitality and Leisure

IoT lights can automatically test the emergency lighting

Connected lighting can automatically conduct the mandated regular testing of emergency lighting systems and their batteries, and compile the necessary reports.

IoT lights can deliver information in museums and galleries 

Using an app and visible light communication, IoT lights can use proximity technology to give museum- and gallery-goers an enhanced experience and information about exhibits.  This is a reality and an experience in museums and galleries in Europe.

IoT lights can personalise and automate guest rooms 

In hotel guest rooms, smart lighting can identify occupancy – and even the individual guest and his or her preferences – and adjust the room’s lights, blinds, TV channels and HVAC accordingly.


IoT lights can encourage hotel guests to buy more

Location-based restaurant recommendations and offers, as well as checkout offers such as a late stay options, can be sold to hotel guests using location tracking and a smart phone app.

IoT lights can cut costs in hotels and resorts

IoT lights with motion sensors and sensors can intelligently turn off the air conditioning and other unnecessary utilities, allowing brands to clamp down on unneeded energy like never before.

I hope that you have enjoyed and also found the series to be interesting.


I am so excited to tell you that Vector have commissioned me to write a regular column in the Vector magazine.

Look out for it, I aim to stimulate even greater interest in lighting and to educate the readers that there is much more to lighting than simply populating the ceiling with luminaires.

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