BHASL018: Relux Lighting Design Software Course

This course is suitable for anyone who is employed in the lighting industry, in consulting engineering firms or architectural practices. Students are taught how to use the software using a step be step system until they achieve the highest level of proficiency and the ability to use all of the amazing features of the software with ease.


Qualification: Certificate

Duration: 90 Days e-Learning (open course start date)

Cost: USD690 | ZAR10000

CPD Credits: Students who are registered with SAIA, SAIAT, & CESA may apply for CPD credits for part-time study.

Students work through four sets of exercises. They are required to master each set before being able to advance to the next set of exercises. They may only advance once they have achieved at least the minimum mark of 75% before the system will allow the advance. The final set of exercises includes exterior flood lighting, streets, roads and highways, stations with pedestrian underpasses. I personally mark every exercise of every student through every step of the design process which includes daylight, daylighting, realistic simulation using raytracing, energy consumption reporting and cost of ownership. Students learn how to use the software which includes CAD imports, using RELUX 2016 PRO.