Join a Professional Lighting Institution


We encourage all of our Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering students to apply for student membership for little or no fees at local and international professional lighting institutions and lighting network communities. By becoming a member you will gain access to further study material, courses, workshops, webinars & stipends.


BHA School of Lighting is proud to be affiliated with the the International Association of Lighting Designers, the Institute of Lighting Professionals, the Virtual Lighting Design Community , The Lighting Police, Women in Lighting and the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa.


Find more info below about each organisation and community, as well as membership info.

Founded in 1969 and based in Chicago, IL, USA, the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to supporting a network of 1,500 independent lighting design professionals who satisfy its rigorous qualification process.


The IALD strives to set the global standard for lighting design excellence by promoting the advancement and recognition of professional lighting designers.


The IALD is the authority on lighting design for the global community; the association promotes and advocates for the profession, educates and serves members, and advances the value of lighting design with key influencers.


Student membership shall be open to a student in good standing at an accredited institution such as a technical school, design school, college or university, with studies concentrated in lighting design or related fields. Student membership is also open to all interns working in the field of lighting design. Annual Student IALD membership dues are $40 USD.

As an influential professional body, the Institute of Lighting Professionals (ILP UK) are consulted by government on a wide range of issues, including legislation and regulations that affect the built environment.


The ILP aims to ensure that proposed measures are both effective and practicable, by serving on committees, and commenting on draft legislation, reports and consultations.


ILP Lighting Delivery Centres are a flexible network of volunteer ILP members across the UK and Ireland, organising local Continuous Professional Development events and networking opportunities.


The ILP has a network of technical study panels that contribute to British, European and International Standards, and produce technical reports on a wide range of lighting topics, providing essential guidance to the profession.


Student membership is free of charge for all BHA School of Lighting students and will have access to network events in the UK and also online events and seminars.

A global virtual network that empowers, inspires and educates the lighting design community. Always better together!


With today’s challenges in mind, is a new generation of community togetherness for the lighting design profession and lighting industry where we hope to shape the lighting profession for years to come. An online community bringing all our peers together: lighting designers, experts, academics and individuals from a variety of backgrounds.


A place where we can exchange views on a variety of issues, share our knowledge and insights and informed debates on emerging topics. is a virtual platform that will facilitate new ways of thinking and connecting innovative ideas that address global lighting issues.


The exciting new ‘Lite’ membership option is FREE and a perfect introduction to begin exploring what the VLD Community has to offer. The VLDC encourages you to post, comment, start conversations and engage with fellow VLD members.


The Lighting Police is an educational driven platform supported by a global multidisciplinary network with a common mission.


“We Raise Awareness – We Spark Transparent Conversations – We talk to the general public about Light.”


The Lighting Police’s mission is that every single person, no matter their age, sex, and professional and cultural background, can be able to understand, spot, and experience the VALUE of the right, designed, and considered quality of LIGHT in the spaces around them.


  • “This platform is not about criticism.”
  • “We have set strict rules and will be highly curating all the presented content.”
  • “Naming designers/products and people involved is strictly FORBIDDEN.”
  • “This platform is all about sparking constructive discussions, sharing educational content, and together, supporting the Lighting Industry, to grow and share its values with the world.”


Membership is open to all lighting professionals who would like to contribute to the community.

Women in Lighting is an inspirational and global digital platform that profiles women working in the field of lighting and lighting design. It aims to promote their passion and achievements, narrate their career path and goals. It aims to celebrate their work and increase the profile of women working in lighting to help encourage, support and inspire the next generation.


WIL has used social activism to highlight and challenge unconscious bias in the industry via a strong social media presence that has built a large following. The project is also supported by individual women in 75+ different countries. Ambassadors for WIL are a driving force for the project and create stand alone local initiatives and partner globally for broader initiatives. They are also a point of contact in each location for anyone seeking to find out more about the project. Together, the project has evolved to form an international connected community that shares information, support and knowledge.


The Women in Lighting Project is committed to extending its membership to all female-identified members of the lighting community, and is further open to women, gender non-conforming and non-binary individuals.

The lighting industry of South Africa is represented by the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA).


IESSA represents South Africa internationally and thereby acts as the National Committee of the CIE (Commission International De L’Eclairage).


South African Experts on various topics in the lighting technology field serve on the CIE international committees responsible for the development of standards for the different aspects of illumination.


IESSA supports the practical implementation of internationally recognised lighting practices for the direct and indirect enjoyment and benefit of the general public.


Membership of IESSA is open to both individual and organisations active in the lighting industry of South Africa. You don’t need to be a Lighting Professional to join IESSA – all applications are welcome. Group membership is open to any educational, scientific, technical, professional, institution, public, commercial or municipal entity that is actively involved in the lighting industry.