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Enlightened Community Webinar Schedule

Speaker Bios: Sharon Stammers, who has an MSc in Lighting, has worked in the lighting industry for over 25 years and started Light Collective in 2009. She started her career in stage lighting working in London, before becoming an Associate Director at both Lighting Design Partnership and Lightmatters.


Martin Lupton, who has a PhD in Lighting, has also worked in the lighting industry for over 25 years. Martin began in environmental engineering and then moved on to Directorial roles at both Pinniger and Partners and BDP prior to co-founding Light Collective.


Light Collective are not a standard lighting consultancy… in fact, they really struggle to categorise themselves given that their body of light based work is so diverse. Their creative portfolio of work houses more than architectural lighting design and has grown to encompass many innovative projects which include light art installations, marketing projects, competitions, curated exhibitions, lighting awards, branding, trade stands and shows, epic parties, pop up events, guerrilla lighting, community projects, writing books, activism and light education.


All of their work has light at the heart of it and always looks to promote light, lighting design and lighting designers to as wide an audience as possible and both Sharon and Martin also have previously been active in lighting associations that are dedicated to promoting lighting design globally.

Cost: Free of Charge

Date: 14 March 2024

Time: 5:45pm for 6pm – 7pm SAST (GMT+2)

Presenters: Sharon Stammers & Martin Lupton, Co-founders at Light Collective UK.

About this Webinar: This International Women’s Month Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton of Light Collective will explain the Women in Lighting (WIL) project, the reasons the project was started and how you can support or participate with an international community of lighting professions.


The Women in Lighting (WIL) project was initiated in 2019 and is an inspirational and global digital platform that profiles women working in the field of lighting and lighting design. It aims to promote their passion and achievements, narrate their career path and goals. It aims to celebrate their work and increase the profile of women working in lighting to help encourage, support and inspire the next generation.


WIL has used social activism to highlight and challenge unconscious bias in the industry via a strong social media presence that has built a large following. The project is also supported by individual ambassadors in 79 different countries.


Together, the project has evolved to form an international connected community that shares information, support and knowledge. Alongside the website resource, there are hundred of events and initiatives happening globally.

Speaker Bio: Cristina BE‘s digital marketing expertise has evolved hand in hand with the development of social media channels. She started working as early as 2007 as a Community Manager (before the position was even officially coined as such), she then went on to work as a marketing manager for big advertising and PR agencies in Madrid, Spain.


As of today, she has dedicated the last 10 years to independently help and improve the digital presence of individuals, small and big companies and brands. Specialized in digital data reports and content writing, she is now focused on making sure her client’s social media presence is coherent, effective and attractive.

Cost: Free of Charge

Date: 18 April 2024

Time: 5:45pm for 6pm – 7pm SAST (GMT+1)

Presenter: Cristina Blanco Estévez, Digital Marketing Expert, Selváticas – Marketing Digital

About this Webinar: The need and use of social media and digital tools is, nowadays, undoubted. However, it is a common concern for today’s lighting professionals (and, to be honest, professionals of all fields) how to effectively seize and make use of these digital tools, and where and how these efforts should be focused.


In an already high-demanding professional life, the creation of an adequate and fruitful digital presence seems, sometimes like the cherry on top. Well, this webinar comes to ease your concerns; not only are there are a variety of (free-of use!) tools which can help you manage your online presence, but there are some guidelines,  and some “do’s” and “dont’s” that can aid you when facing the start, delivery or evaluation of your personal digital presence.


With +15 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry, Cristina Be will be guiding us through a few tricks on content strategy creation and how to improve LinkedIn presence by providing some insightful social media examples of interest for the lighting industry professionals.

Speaker Bio: Dr Shelley James is an international consultant on light and well-being, TEDx and keynote speaker, author, elected member of the WELL Advisory and Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art. She is also a trained glass artist and electrician.


Clients include global lighting and technology brands and regulators, healthcare and education trusts, architects and designers, academic institutions and museums. A recent social media campaign to raise awareness of the impact of light on teens was translated into three languages and reached over 2.5 million young people around the world. Her TEDx was in the top three most-watched worldwide in the month after launch.

Cost: Free of Charge

Date: 16 May 2024

Time: 5:45pm for 6pm – 7pm SAST (GMT+1)

Presenter: Dr Shelley James, Lighting Designer, Electrician, TedX and Keynote Speaker at Age of Light Innovations, WELL Advisor, and Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art

About this Webinar: The UNESCO International Day of Light celebrates the role light plays in science, culture and art, education, and sustainable development, and in fields as diverse as medicine, communications, and energy. The celebration allows many different sectors of society worldwide to participate in activities that demonstrates how science, technology, art and culture can help achieve the goals of UNESCO – building the foundation for peaceful societies.


During this webinar Dr Shelley James will talk about how human-centric lighting has become a marketing pitch for tunable white products that promise to control melatonin levels as a shortcut to perfect sleep.


For the UNESCO International Day of Light, Dr James will explore the latest evidence of the dynamic link between visual and non-visual inputs for sleep, mood and attention and consider the implications of recent studies that challenge the current understanding of the dominant role of pineal melatonin in circadian entrainment.


Dr James will review the critical role of darkness in delivering effective human-centred lighting solutions and recent case studies from the healthcare, education and workplace sectors, touch briefly on the environmental impacts of these approaches and wrap up with a glimpse into the future. 

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