“What to expect from BHA School of Lighting” by graduate student Leonel Esteban Garcia Nunez (Mexico)

A TESTIMONIAL BY LEONEL ESTEBAN GARCIA NUNEZ (Electromechanical Engineer, Adv Dip Ilum Eng) 

Once you get involved in enlightenment, you always want to keep learning, it is an insatiable thirst for knowledge that I am sure everyone who is reading this has or has had.

In 2019, I remember that I was looking to study the subject, I wanted to start with lighting standards, but I did not have the ability to understand them clearly, I started looking for other means but mostly I came across short courses that did not delve beyond the basic concepts at an excessive price, besides that, my possibilities to study in another country were practically nil and my English is not good enough. It was then that I found BHA School of Lighting.

It is always important not to get carried away by the name of the school or the course, so I checked the syllabus, I still remember the feeling of “I found just what I was looking for at last”. It is a complete program that covers from the most basic concepts to the conclusion of a lighting project in Relux. What really caught me was seeing that it contained an exclusive module for analysis by manual calculation, with this I knew that the school gave you the basis not only to empty the information into a software and wait for the result, but it made me understand all variables for the result but using software as complementary to the manual calculations and for greater precision. It wasn’t long before I finally chose to sign up, which was a great decision.

The school is quite strict and demanding, so Philip is not joking when he says that it maintains the best quality for the students, which is excellent because it guarantees that there will be a “before and after” at the end of the diploma.

Each module requires an assignment to be completed if you want to pass to the next module. After each evaluation, the teachers give you feedback in case you have made errors at any point.  They are always attentive and answer any questions about the course and respond as soon as possible.

I can say that it is an excellent school, it gave me the possibility of training with very high-level professionals despite having fairly-basic English (translating the texts through google), with teachers who are on the other side of the world, even under the circumstances in which we find ourselves due to the pandemic.

I am very grateful to the school, to its collaborators and to Philip, who in addition to being a great teacher, always keeps an eye on his students and in addition to solving many doubts, he motivated me to continue learning and studying. I have finished the Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering, it has given me many tools to develop professionally, I am pleased with the course and in a few days I will start with the Master Diploma in Illumination Engineering course, I am sure that it will be of equally high quality.

If you want to learn lighting in a simple, basic and fast way, “only the essentials”, the Advanced Diploma from BHA School of Lighting is NOT for you.

BUT, if you want to delve deep into the topics, have a better understanding of light and are willing to be disciplined in your study to cover a wide range of subjects, then the Advanced Diploma is an excellent option.

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