Upcoming BHA School of Lighting events announcements – September 2023 Newsletter

I hope that you are all exceedingly well and that your businesses are enjoying great success this year. We at BHA Lighting Design & Consulting continue to be commissioned to do very interesting projects in many different parts of South Africa and abroad.

Our students at BHA School of Lighting continue doing well and a growing number are nearing both First and Second Year examinations.  Some are on the threshold of graduation.  It is an exciting time for the students but equally exciting for us to see them being rewarded for their dedication, hard work and enthusiasm.  Our graduates are featured on our Meet our Graduates webpage here.

Last month in “The Principals Pen”, I told you about the new software that is available when using an iPhone to produce 3D scans of rooms to import to Relux Desktop.  Well, be sure to register for the webinar that will be presented by the developer of the software himself, Martin Huber of Metaroom.  To register for the webinar click here.

Also be sure to attend our next webinar on 28 September, when David Gilbey, our long time friend and internationally renowned lighting designer, will discuss the fascinating subject of Lighting of Heritage Buildings and How to make Great Use of Shadow. To register for the webinar click here.

The support from around the world for the webinars continues to grow at a rate that is beyond our wildest dreams and I invite you to find out more about the remaining webinars for 2023 here.

  • 28 September at 18:00 SAST – David Gilbey, the Founder of D-lighting who is a renowned international lighting expert, will present what should be an extremely interesting presentation on the lighting up of heritage buildings and sites of ancient civilizations.
  • 5 October 2023 at 18:00 SAST – Martin Huber, the software developer will present “3D Digitization of Buildings for Lighting Design using your Smartphone”.
  • 19 October 2023 at 18:00 SAST – Prof Peter Dunsby of the University of Cape Town, a cosmologist, will present about our magnificent sky at night and the impact of light pollution on their work and our ability to enjoy the night sky.
  • 16 November 2023 at 18:00 SAST – David Warfel, Chief Evangelist of Light and originator of “Light can Help You” will present inspirational content. This will be our last webinar for 2023.

We look forward to 2024 and we encourage you to keep a look out for our January 2024 series of webinars.

Moving on, I have for a few months told you about our exciting business agreement with the leading lighting company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  After several recent meetings, the planned launch date of the Marketing Home Group’s, Foundation Plus Lighting Course, a unique course that BHA School of Lighting developed exclusively for them, will be on 25 September 2023 with much fanfare.

The Marketing Home Group through their Lighting Stores and Illus brands will feature this course on the MHG Academy where their employees will login to our course to be directed to our secure webserver to access the course system.

The negotiations began in mid-April, the Agreement was concluded and signed on 6 June.  The exclusive course development was completed by the end of July before I took a short vacation.  Since mid-August, the MHG team and BHA School of Lighting have worked closely together to refine the processes to ensure that their employees will enjoy the smoothest possible access to our system for the best possible e-learning experience. It has been a great experience to work with such a friendly and competent team at Marketing Home Group.
Watch this space for more exciting news.

Students continue to take advantage to attend the FREE OF CHARGE monthly online Student Support Sessions.  Some excellent questions are always asked.  I am sure that every student benefits from the answers and to some of the very interesting discussion that takes place on a variety of lighting topics. More and more students are enjoying meeting their fellow students from around the world in some 39 countries.  If you are one of the students who have not yet taken advantage of the FREE session, join us on 6 September 2023 at 18:00.  The session is open to all BHA School of Lighting students irrespective of the course that they have enrolled on.

You will remember that we dramatically reduced our enrolment fees for all courses to assist potential students who were feeling the effects of higher costs of living.  Unfortunately, we have found it necessary to review that decision.  Our fees have therefore been increased with effect from 1 September 2023.  It is costly to maintain the expensive software that we use, to maintain the webserver support, to produce regular FREE webinars, to continue to offer the FREE monthly Student Support Session and to continue to render the highest possible standard of personal support to every student.  Our courses remain to be very affordable particularly when compared to overseas courses, which in most cases have far less content for considerably higher costs at around R180,000 for a two year course.

Visit https://www.bhaschooloflighting.co.za/courses to see the revised fee structures.

I wish you all great business and good health.

With best regards
Philip Hammond

BHA School of Lighting e-Learning Course Fee Information – September 2023 Update

Learn more about the Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course HERE

Learn more about the Foundation Lighting Course HERE

Learn more about the Emergency Lighting Course HERE

Learn more about the Emergency Lighting e-Learning Course HERE





September Student Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following past & present students celebrating their Birthdays this month of September! We hope you all have a memorable day!

Hani Aljuhani, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – 3 September
Livhlani Ralikhwatha, Richards Bay, 16 September
Shamielah Jacobs, Paarl – 17 September
Oguzhan Ercopur, Ankara, Turkey – 21 September
Dean Boyce, Cape Town (Graduate) – 22 September
Hans Van Rooyen, Johannesburg – 24 September
Babacar Ndiaye, Dakar, Senegal – 29 September

Welcome to our new BHA School of Lighting Students

Heena Gyanchand, RS Puram, India – Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course
Omran Ali Musa, Khobar, Saudi Arabia – Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course
Rene Hosken, Welkomm RSA – Foundation Lighting Course
Sharath Nittur, Bangalore, India – Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course
Mohau Mahoa, Proconics, Midrand, RSA – Relux Desktop Lighting Design Software Course
Bonolo Patricia Tshetlhe, Proconics, Midrand, RSA – Relux Desktop Lighting Design Software Course
Jack Sibusiso Ntlemo, Proconics, Midrand, RSA – Relux Desktop Lighting Design Software Course
Khumo Mashaba, Pretoria, RSA – Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course

We wish great success to the following BHA School of Lighting students preparing for Examinations

Nicole Farman, Chicago, USA – 2nd Year Final Theory
Scott Williamson, Doha, Qatar – 2nd Year Final Theory
Beth Maina, Nairobi, Kenya – 2nd Year Final Practical

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Upcoming Events from BHA School of Lighting


Cost: Free of Charge

Date: 28 September 2023

Time: 5:45pm for 6pm – 7pm (SAST)

Presenter: David Gilbey, Lighting Design Director at Diriyah Gate Development Authority, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

David Gilbey is a world class independent architectural lighting and visual designer with an impressive portfolio of prestigious global projects to his name. As the world has become more visual David’s theatrical background puts him in a great position to master the artistic and technical aspects of a project.

He has a holistic approach to design and his DNA is to take a story telling approach to lighting design and to try to capture the soul of a project, he has worked on award winning developments around the world, including an extensive catalogue of Heritage projects.

David is a renowned speaker on the international lighting circuit and firmly believes that established lighting designers have a responsibility to stimulate design conversations with architects and other stakeholders, as well as supporting the future generations of young lighters. To this end, David is a long-standing supporter of BHA School of Lighting and considers founder and lighting maestro, Philip Hammond, a close and treasured friend.

David also believes that it is important to enjoy your work and undertake it with passion and a smile on your face, this enjoyment is likely the hidden catalyst to where the magic happens, along with the power of great ideas.

David has recently moved to Riyadh where he is Lighting Design Director at The Diriyah Gate Development Authority, a development of huge Cultural and Historical importance based around The UNESCO World Heritage site of Al Turaif and the Nadji style of architecture.


Firstly, this presentation will look at the importance of light in medieval times and earlier, and how it was used as a spiritual and guiding entity, especially in churches and religious spaces, and how we as lighting designers can draw huge inspiration from these projects and it will attempt to so this with only the merest and passing glimpse of The Pantheon in Rome.

We will look at the details of lighting Heritage buildings and structures, the responsibility placed on the lighting designer to highlight and respect the historical and cultural integrity of such projects and will even explore what makes a Heritage building, as a building does not need to be a thousand years old to be culturally important.

The presentation will take a serious and demonstrated look at the importance of the shadow, the parts of the building we deliberately do not light to help establish shape and texture, it will look at how we can use contrasting hierarchies of light and shadow to establish cultural importance and gravitas and what, if any, levels of colour are acceptable.

We will look at how modern technology can minimize the impact of modernizing the space with less impact on the buildings and how we can use such technologies to raise the narrative and story-tell within these historical and culturally significant spaces.

We will look at the responsibilities of the lighting designer when working in conservation areas and around Heritage buildings. We will take a look at the approach to Heritage lighting around the world and hopefully we can find a few bad examples as we can learn as much from the bad as we can the good examples!

Finally, we will look at events and celebratory lighting and how these buildings with large surface areas and detailing can serve as amazing back-drops for events and national celebrations.

Hopefully this presentation will leave you educated and inspired and we will have a wonderful question and answer session at the end.


Cost: Free of Charge

Date: 5 October 2023

Time: 5:45pm for 6pm – 7pm (SAST)

Presenter: Martin Huber, CEO of Amrax, Salzburg, Austria

Martin Huber, CEO of Amrax, is a visionary in the fields of computer vision and AI, pioneering the development of Metaroom. With a technical management background beginning in 2007 in the medical R&D industry, he has over a decade of leadership in tech and product development. His expertise and innovation have consistently positioned companies at the pinnacle of their sectors.


Martin will highlight the opportunities that a simple mobile phone-based mapping of buildings enables. The focus will be on the technical data (accuracy, interfaces, limitations) but also on the future outlook of this technology, with a special focus on the lighting industry.

Case studies will be shown in which buildings were digitised and subsequently provided with lighting design. The entire workflow, from Metaroom (app) to Relux Desktop (light design software) will be shown.

With Metaroom App users can:

  • SCAN: digitize rooms in seconds by scanning with the Metaroom App which is currently compatible with all LiDAR enabled Apple devices (iPhone Pro and iPad Pro). However, you can view shared 3D models on all iOS devices, even if they do not have LiDAR functionality.
  • SEE: View a true-to-scale 3D model within minutes and get a comprehensive picture of the entire room. Existing furniture is displayed in bounding boxes. All dimensions +/-3cm.
  • COLLABORATE: By exporting the 3D room model to popular planning programs you can start your design and collaboration process. Offer your customer a unique project experience by visualizing the design in 3D.

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