Shedding Light: Which lighting design software should you use? – monthly column featured in Sparks Electrical News

Shedding Light by Philip Hammond is a monthly column featured in Sparks Electrical News by Crown Publications, we he discusses a variety of  industry topics from the world of lighting such as standards and compliance, lighting applications, the role of light in our lives and more…

A quarter of the year has flashed past before any of us could blink and take stock of all that has happened during that time.

For many years, lighting designers have debated which is the best lighting design software for them to achieve the best results. I know of twenty three (23) different software suites that can be used for lighting design, some of which have add on extra bits of software for tunnels, use within Revit and more.

Some software is made available free of charge, whilst other software is licensed and paid either monthly or annually in advance. With that said, how does a lighting designer, consulting engineer, architect or other professional know where to start and ultimately be able to decide which software will be best?

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