Shedding Light: The importance of standards and compliance in lighting – monthly column featured in Sparks Electrical News

Shedding Light by Philip Hammond is a monthly column featured in Sparks Electrical News by Crown Publications, we he discusses a variety of  industry topics from the world of lighting such as standards and compliance, lighting applications, the role of light in our lives and more…

I realise as I write this article for the July edition of Sparks Electrical News, that we have passed the halfway mark for the year and from here on it is downhill all the way until the end of 2022.

The next chapter in our series of light is about ‘Standards and Compliance’. It is essential to have a detailed knowledge about this topic, so much so that Joseph Rey-Barreau, a New York lighting designer and architect said: “It’s a new world of lighting. People must think about it more than ever.” Albert Hanley, another architect, said: “Design is defined by light and shade and appropriate lighting is enormously important.”


We learned that the eye responds to the stimulation of light. The light is converted on the retina into electric signals which are transmitted to the brain where the picture is formed. The object or scene is seen in shades of grey when the illumination level is low, but as the illumination level increases, we are able to distinguish colours and enjoy better acuity. This is typical for an observer with normal, or near normal, sight. People who have alternative colour vision will see the object or scene differently. This is not covered in this course but in later courses as it is a specialist topic.

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