Shedding Light: Light and the human eye – monthly column featured in Sparks Electrical News

Shedding Light by Philip Hammond is a monthly column featured in Sparks Electrical News by Crown Publications, we he discusses a variety of  industry topics from the world of lighting such as standards and compliance, lighting applications, the role of light in our lives and more…

Here we are again, another month into the year 2022 and about to reveal what lighting topic awaits you.

I recently read an interesting quote: “Part of what drives us to explore and discover is the intangible: expanding our horizons, feeding our curiosity, finding the unexpected things, and trying to answer those profound questions discussed in previous chapters”. We will continue where we left off last month with our look at the Visual Functions of the human eye.

Effect of Ageing

Unfortunately no part of the human body remains the same as at the time of birth. The eye particularly changes over the life of a person and it is important to recognize this. Age has many effects on the eye. Opacity increases which affects the light transmittance through the eye itself. Typically if we accept 100% transmittance for a person of 20 years of age this can reduce to 50% at the age of 55 and to only 25% at the age of 75. In the same way sensitivity to detail also deteriorates although to a slightly lesser extent. Colour vision becomes slightly modified by yellowing of the lens and central portions of the retina which results in a decreased sensitivity to the blue region of the spectrum.

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