Happy new year – January 2023 Newsletter

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I wish you all a very successful 2023 in every sphere of your lives, businesses and studies.

No time for reflection this time around, but rather a time of crystal ball gazing!

I am certain that this year is going to be very successful for both BHA Lighting and the BHA School of Lighting.

I have already planned the monthly webinars for the period from January to November 2023.  The general theme for the webinars this year is “The Devil is in the Detail”.  Be sure to attend the first webinar in the series on 26 January 2023 from 18:00 to 19:30 titled “Episode 23: Standards & Compliance: Consequences of Non-compliance”.  This is such an important subject, one that is rarely even considered.

It is always essential to register for the webinars, most webinars have over 100 registrants but only 100 attendees can attend.  Fortunately, some do not login to attend on the day which makes it possible to accommodate most registrants. About 60% are regular overseas attendees.

Internationally, lighting education is considered an absolutely essential requirement when being considered for employment in any position whether at government or local authority level, lighting design practices, consulting engineering practices or lighting companies,

I am pleased to acknowledge that a local lighting manufacturer recently had the foresight to enroll four staff members for the Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering course while another company that had enrolled three staff members in March 2022, is has now engaged our services to present an exclusive series of webinars from February to April 2023 for their clients on invitation only.

Both companies are already reaping the rewards for their investments in lighting education.

Perhaps it is now time for other companies to consider the value of lighting education for both their own staff and their own clients.  We are able to tailor webinars to your specific needs.  Our lighting courses are world renowned in no less than 33 countries.  We offer from basic lighting knowledge in the content of our Foundation Lighting Course through to short courses on a range of dedicated subjects including Emergency Lighting.  The Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering course is followed by the 1 year Master Diploma in Illumination course which offers students who had graduated from the Advanced Diploma course, content at a very high level and practical training and experience in all applications in both interior and exterior environments, including sport field lighting at various levels of play.

We are now proud to offer a complete RELUX Desktop Course.  The detailed training manuals for each set of the Four Exercise Sets have been painstakingly developed and written by BHA School of Lighting.  Daniel wrote Manuals 1 to 3, a task that took weeks of very long hours spent in front of computer screens whilst I wrote Manual 4.  We physically completed each of the exercises in each manual in RELUX Desktop in order to include screenshots of each step to ensure that our students achieve the highest possible level of proficiency at the conclusion of the Relux Desktop Exercises.  The Advanced Diploma course automatically includes the RELUX Desktop exercises in Module 28 in Second Year.  Many students and other interested parties have asked why students must wait to only learn RELUX Desktop in Second Year, well, the answer is very easy. By then, they will have learnt the detail about light, lighting, standards and compliance, daylighting and all of the new 4IR technologies and it will be the most appropriate time to teach them all of the special features in RELUX Desktop, for them to be able to apply what they have learnt.

Students who enroll for the BHASL018 RELUX Desktop course will not learn the more complex processes because their only basic lighting knowledge in most cases does not extend to the knowledge levels of the Advanced Diploma students.

The RELUX Desktop course is exclusive to BHA School of Lighting.  All content in the manuals remains our exclusive intellectual property and it is Copyrighted.

So….. What else is on the 2023 horizon?

Several of our course manuals will be revised and updated to ensure that the Advanced Diploma course which is regarded as the Premier Online Lighting Education course in the world, will retain its dominant position.  It will also ensure that our students will be taught the most up to date and relevant content.

Be sure to lookout for more information about our first webinar on 26 January 2023 – “Standards and Compliance: The consequences of non-compliance”.  This could potentially save architects, consulting electrical engineers, illumination engineers, lighting designers and lighting companies millions of Rands in liability claims.

I wish you all great business and good health.  Most of all, I wish you a fantastic 2023 and excellent profitable business

With best regards


Happy Birthday to the following past & present students celebrating their Birthdays this month of January! We hope you all have a memorable day!

Vanessa Naidoo, Johannesburg – 2 January
Arrmand Gouws, Gqeberha – 10 January
Pablo Albarello, Cape Town – 10 January
Mobongiseni Welcome Mkandla, Johannesburg – 11 January
Andrea Montero Salazar, San Jose, Costa Rica – 29 January
Aadil Vahed, Port Shepstone – 31 January
Shaun Bergh, Pretoria – 31 January

A warm welcome to the following new BHA School of Lighting student!

Julio Angel Ramirez Berroa, Fishkill, New York, USA – BHASL003C19: Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course

The following students are preparing to write examinations, we wish you great success!

Oliver Hauser, Johannesburg – as you prepare for the first year examinations

Congratulations to BHA School of Lighting Students

Martina Mantaras, Montevideo, Uruguay on passing from First Year to Second Year

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Cost: Free of Charge

Date: 26 January 2023

Time: 5:45pm for 6pm – 7pm (SAST)

Presenter: Phil Hammond, BHA School of Lighting

About: If you think you have heard this before, you’ll be so mistaken.  In this webinar, we will look at the subject but more especially at the legality and consequences of non-compliance

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