Global interest grows for BHA’s e-learning lighting design courses – March 2023 Newsletter

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We always enjoy receiving new enrolments for any of the courses that we offer.  It is always particularly exciting to receive enrolments from overseas.  During this past month, 60% of the enrolments were for foreign students.  It may be of interest to know that 35% of our enrolled students are from overseas.  More overseas students continue to enroll at a faster rate than South African students.  Overseas student regularly state that our courses offer more that those at overseas institutions of learning at a much more affordable enrolment fee.

It is not all doom and gloom in South Africa.  We need to look passed the warts and appreciate what we have to offer.  Our courses offer an internationally accepted and recognized qualification at incredibly good value for money.

We are excited to see the excellent interest in our own proprietary RELUX Desktop course from both South African and overseas prospective students. The increased personal demands on lighting designers in terms of compliance with the many different lighting standards and regulations, including the incorporation of these in the software to avoid the consequences of non-compliance, is driving this interest and enrolment. For more info about the Relux Desktop course visit the link here.

The new project inflow for lighting design is very encouraging.  Several of the projects will keep us busy for about 2 years.

I am still concerned that a number of students simply do not appreciate the value of Mind-Mapping.  We teach the importance of the Mind-Mapping tool for effective study.  By creating a good mind-map using a variety of techniques in the process, the mind map will provide the triggers to recall the details of everything that is learnt. I have successfully used mind-mapping for business planning, the development of webinar content to ensure that it is well-structured and relevant.  The uses of Mind-Mapping are almost limitless. A well-constructed Mind-mapping is based on the natural way that we retrieve information stored in our brains.

Our webinars are growing in demand and following.  Our last webinar was attended by 62% overseas attendees and 38% South African attendees.  Our overseas following has grown from a couple of attendees to a substantial number.  Attendees complete surveys at the end of the webinars concurrently with the Question and Answer session at the end.  They are able to make requests for topics to be included in future webinars.  The interest displayed by overseas attendees is brilliant!

Webinars are free and useful to improve one’s knowledge or to refresh one’s existing knowledge.  They are also useful to learn about some of the exciting new technologies and how to include them in lighting design software.  It is also important to understand and know how to design the system architecture for some of the new lighting technologies as well.  The system architecture s key to being able to incorporate the new lighting technologies and controls in the lighting design.

Be sure to register for our next webinar on 23 March 2023 – “Episode 3/23: Emergency Lighting Standards – baring the whole truth”.  You will be astounded to learn how onerous it is and what a heavy responsibility you have to shoulder as a lighting designer, illumination engineer, consulting engineer or architect.  If there are failures, injuries or deaths because the emergency lighting design was not compliant and all the steps in the design process had not been fulfilled, the consequences will be dire.  Register for the next webinar here!

I wish you all great business and good health.

With best regards
Philip Hammond

Relux Desktop Lighting Design Software Course Launch

BHA School of Lighting is proud to launch our very own proprietary Relux Desktop Lighting Design Software Course. Relux Desktop is a high-performance, intuitively-operated application for simulating artificial light and daylight.

Lighting companies and build environment professionals are becoming aware of the need to train their staff and themselves to the highest levels of proficiency and competence in the use of the amazing Relux Desktop software. The course will provide students with the ability to produce a high standard of lighting design that will be fully compliant with the applicable standards to minimize the risk of non-compliance and the possible consequences.

This course is suitable for anyone who is employed in the lighting industry, in consulting engineering firms or architectural practices. Students are taught how to use Relux Desktop lighting design software using a step by step approach until they achieve the highest level of proficiency and the ability to use all of the amazing features of the software with ease.

Students work through four sets of exercises using RELUX DESKTOP which include detailed walkthrough tutorials and assessments.  Students are required to master each set of exercises by achieving a minimum grade of  75% before being able to advance to the next set of exercises.

Qualification: Certificate

Duration: 90 Days e-Learning (open course start date)

Course Fee: USD620 | ZAR10500

*Payment plans available on personal application, T’s & C’s apply: 3 months @ USD207 | ZAR3500

For more info about the course and the curriculum visit the link here.

March Student Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following past & present students celebrating their Birthdays this month of March! We hope you all have a memorable day!

Eric Ceba, Qheberha, RSA – 8 March
Rojean Morris, Paarl, RSA – 10 March
Henk Gorris, Durban, RSA – 14 March
Annelize Dankworth, Cape Town, RSA – 17 March
Clayton Nortje, Cape Town, RSA – 17 March
Greg Young, Cape Town, RSA – 19 March
Andre Roosenshoon, Durban, RSA – 20 March
Abigail Oriana Govindasamy, Cape Town, RSA – 21 March
Corrie Prinsloo, Centurion, RSA – 25 March
Julio Angel Ramire Berroa, Fishkill, NY, USA – 28 March
Johan Swart, Pretoria, RSA – 29 March

Welcome to our new BHA School of Lighting Students

Greg Young, Cape Town, RSA – Foundation Lighting Course
Lucas Valencia Gonzalez, Periera, Colombia – Foundation Lighting Course
Carolina Pedraza Guevara, Bogota, Colombia – Foundation Lighting Course
Jhonnatan Prjuelo Cortes, Bogota, Colombia – Foundation Lighting Course
Aris de Vrye, Johannesburg, RSA – Relux Desktop Lighting Design Software Course

We wish great success to the following BHA School of Lighting students preparing for Examinations

Liam Abrahams, Cape Town, South Africa
Charne Gunning, Sydney, Australia

Congratulations to the following BHA School of Lighting student

Oliver Hauser, Johannesburg, RSA on passing his First Year Examinations, we wish you great success in your second year of studies.

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Upcoming Events from BHA School of Lighting


Cost: Free of Charge

Date: 23 March 2023

Time: 5:45pm for 6pm – 7pm (SAST)

Presenter: Phil Hammond, BHA School of Lighting

About: The whole truth down to the fine detail will be made known about Emergency Lighting, as I bare nothing but the truth!

  • Introduction
  • Definition of Emergency Lighting
  • What is Emergency Lighting?
  • Standards applicable
  • Who is Responsible for Emergency Lighting?
  • Emergency Escape Lighting requirements
  • Emergency signage
  • Emergency Escape route investigated
  • Required duration for escape lighting
  • Process for design
  • System design
  • Documentation
  • Inspection and testing
  • Managerial responsibility
  • M & V testing process
  • Important action
  • Conclusion
  • Surveys and Q & A Session

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