Why is lighting often so boring & unimaginative? – featured in Pro Landscaper Africa (Paper Plane Publications)

Why is lighting often so boring & unimaginative? by Philip Hammond is a article featured in the April 2021 Commercial & Big Builds Issue of Pro Landscaper Africa by Paper Plane Publications.

I have asked the question in the title “Why is lighting often so boring and unimaginative?”

The answer is quite simple.  Most lighting designers have not studied the theory of light, vision, light production and most importantly know the importance of being compliant with standards and regulations. They design the way that they have always done, often not correctly although a desired light level was achieved.

That said, the opportunity to light any space whether indoors or outdoors can be so exciting, imaginative, artistic whilst always being compliant with the latest standards regulations and CIE (International Commission for Lighting) directives.

There is more to lighting than meets the eye, both literally and physically.  This is especially true when we are lighting workplaces, in particular offices where we provide light on the primary task area and at the same time provide light directed towards the eyes of the employee or occupant.

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