Shedding Light: The shortfalls of SANS 10114-1 – monthly column featured in Sparks Electrical News

Shedding Light by Philip Hammond is a monthly column featured in Sparks Electrical News by Crown Publications, we he discusses a variety of  industry topics from the world of lighting such as standards and compliance, lighting applications, the role of light in our lives and more…

Last month, the subject “Standards and Compliance” was the theme. I ended by informing you, the readers, that we will take a closer look at this subject in this edition.

You will recall that SANS 10114-1 is applicable for interior lighting, albeit a poor copy on EN 12464-1, the European standard on which the SANS is modelled.

What will you miss if you keep to SANS 10114-1?

    1. More detail.
    2. It specifies the requirements for good lighting solutions rather than giving design guidelines. With the experience of applying the standard the next steps were taken in the development of this new edition and human and user needs are given broader acknowledgement. Lighting requirements for task areas to fulfil visual tasks are given a close relation to the space in which they are carried out. Technologically LED has taking over as the light source from conventional lamps. The main changes with respect to the previous edition are:

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