New e-Learning Course Launch – Lighting Design for Offices

BHA School of Lighting is excited to announce the launch of our new short e-learning course Lighting Design for Offices.

This e-learning course is available for all build environment professionals to enroll at any time during the year and up until the 30 April 2024 at the course launch promo fee.

The Lighting Design for Offices e-learning course’s main goal is to provide build environment professionals with the tools & know-how to engineer compliant lighting plans for small to large offices & corporate businesses.

  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Duration: 60 Days e-Learning (start date to be determined by you)
  • Course Fee: USD245 | ZAR4500 USD190 | ZAR3500 (Course launch promo fee valid until 30 April 2024)
  • CPD Credits: Students registered with SAIASAIAT, & CESA may apply for CPD credits for part-time study.


As a student embarking on this course you will learn about the evolution of office environments & lighting specifications throughout the 20th century. Thereafter, you will obtain up-to-date knowledge about the latest lighting technologies and design methods of modern day 21st century office. In addition, you will also learn how human centric lighting & circadian lighting systems can benefit workers in offices.  This will all be backed up by the importance of health & safety compliance and international building standards & regulations for office environments, including the WELL Building Standard.


Topics covered in this course:

  • Chapter 1: Office Lighting (History of offices & office lighting, lighting design for offices, office categories, lighting guidelines, evolution timeline of EVE & circadian lighting, office lighting concepts)
  • Chapter 2: General Project Timeline
  • Chapter 3: The process that BHA Lighting Design & Consulting went through
  • Chapter 4: A step-by-step process to arrive at a final lighting design
  • Chapter 5: Procedure to calculate the measurement of of circadian light and stimulus
  • Chapter 6: WELL Building Standard
  • Chapter 7: History and development of standards and other regulations and directives
  • Chapter 8: Should we rethink regulations and standards for lighting at workplaces

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