Yes, it’s fact – 2019 is almost at an end – December 2019 Newsletter

Many older and more senior people have said: “The older that you get, the faster time flies!”

We all know that it is nonsense, but I can really say that it certainly seems like that every day.  Of course, I know what the answer is – I am extremely busy from early in the morning until my close off time at 17:00 when I take time to relax, play my keyboard and spent enjoyable evenings with my lovely wife.

It seems like it was only yesterday when it was the start to 2019 and here we are now preparing for the festive season again to be followed hot on it’s heels, the start to the year 2020.

I look forward to every year.  It is fantastic to be spared to enjoy working with an amazing family of students all over the world, each one different in some unique way, but every one with that desire and drive to study and graduate as an Illumination Engineer at the end of the course.

What are your thoughts at this time?  How will you spend this special time?

No matter how you will be spending the time, I wish you copious happiness, abundant good health and blessings, incredible success and above all peace now and through the year to come.

Please convey our best wishes from BHA School of Lighting to your families and loved ones.  If you will be travelling over this time, travel safely and return home safely.

Prioritising People

I recently read a very interesting report on the subject of “Digital Adoption – The real key to digital transformation”.  Whilst I fully appreciate that this was addressing the digital transformation in businesses in terms of computerisation and possibly the adoption of Artificial Intelligence to carry out routine functions and processes within a business rather than people.  It made me realise that it applies similarly to the new 4IR lighting technologies and controls.  For that reason, I decided to share the key aspect contained in the article with you.

The State of Digital Transformation 2019 report by Altimeter points out that in as much as businesses are investing more in innovative technologies, the majority are lacking in terms of meeting customer expectations due to a lack of digital literacy.

The report pointed out a number of obstacles including ego, politics and fear as the main deterrents for companies to collaborate and implement lasting digital change.

Nel said that there is a fundamental difference between a company that is just taking a tech-first approach and a company that is committed to digitally transforming its processes and adopting solutions that will see it thrive in the future.

“There is a common misconception that in order to keep up with disruption, companies should just invest in shiny apps and programmes,” said Nel.
“As a result of this, some companies attempt to build new technology on top of an old and crumbling foundation.”

“New technology is recommended but it must be adopted as a component of the digital transformation process rather than its fundamental basis.”

Nel added that it is important to look at the challenges facing both employers and employees from a ‘people’ perspective. “One of the main challenges that businesses face is the lack of focus in ensuring that employees become part of the digital transformation journey,” he said.
“You find employees preferring the old school to the new school and thus are pushing back.”

“Perhaps the most crucial component to these challenges is the lack of digital learning strategy in place to empower your employees during the digital transformation journey.”

For companies to adopt successful digital transformation strategies, they must invest in learning ecosystems that will not only promote learning for the future but see businesses achieving a state where all their digital assets are leveraged to their fullest extent.

“The key takeaway here is that digital transformation builds both current and new skills.  Businesses must make employees actively use the learning technology that they have invested in.”

“That way, you ensure that your investment is real and it comes alive.”

Let’s all give a warm welcome to the following new students:

  • Abdulshafi Alsawadi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – BHASL001: Foundation Lighting Course
  • Abinaya Jevaraju. Kuwait – BHASL001: Foundation Lighting Course
  • Marius Hoffman, Pienaar & Erwee, Pretoria – BHASL003C19: Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering
  • Acir Daniel urban Guimaraes, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil – BHASL003C19: Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering
  • Abinaya Jevaraju, Kuwait – BHASL003C19: Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering
  • Andrea Montero Salazar, Cuidad Colon, San Jose, Costa Rica – BHASL003C19: Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering

Join to wish the following students a very happy birthday:

  • Acir Daniel Urban Guimaraes, Brazil – 4 December
  • Jayson Serrao, Johannesburg – 13 December
  • Themeshan Tathiah, Durban – 14 December
  • Thulane Mdhluli, Cape Town – 18 December
  • Milase Koti, Johannesburg – 30 December
  • Rizlyn Asuncion, Dubai – 31 December

Congratulations for passing your course.  We hope that you will soon take the next step to cement your place in the world of lighting

  • Charne-Lee Gunning, Sydney Australia on your First Class pass from the Foundation Lighting Course
  • Abdulshafi Alsawadi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on your First Class from the Foundation Lighting Course
  • Abinaya Jevaraju, Kuwait – Passed the Foundation Lighting course with 98%, a Distinction
  • Special congratulations – Enzo Manna, Johannesburg on being admitted as a Student Member of the IALD, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Enjoy reading about how imaginative but professionally created lighting brings an historic attraction to life!

Gold……..Rush! Sovereign Hill Rejuvenated with the New Attraction Aura

Aura is the latest creation of Andrew Walsh and his company Accolade. The new night-time attraction has been recreated using all of the latest digital technology, including, we are proud to say, more than eight hundred LED luminaires provided by illumination Physics.
illumination Physics’ involvement in Aura was an evolution. The diggings’ is a large area containing recreations of not only the gold mines and miners’ tents but also buildings of the period; the Eureka Hotel, the story and period buildings which surround the centre of this theatrical set. The set exceeds two hundred metres in width and three hundred metres in depth. The entire area should be bathed in virtual moonlight at times, and vey specifically illuminated in parts at other times.
Limited choices in the attributes amongst the off the shelf imported lighting products in Australia was to be a limiting factor. However, illumination Physics is free of such limitations. Our philosophy is entirely focussed on the needs of the project at hand. We have four hundred LED base products to draw upon before we begin to create new custom products. Any of them can be modified in substantial ways to produce the precise result required for a single task.

As one would expect, the set of Aura contains the famous Eureka Stockade itself. In this case, the stockade is a motorised object; the stockade rises from where it has been hidden from view until it is required to appear magically. The audience finds themselves within the stockade as if they were with the miners trying to defend themselves. The stockade is illuminated with illumination Physics Rectangular Wash luminaires.

Wash lighting was just one task. As the audience arrives at the diggings, they are first directed to the outdoor theatre overlooking a body of specially created water. The performance here was to be comprised of projection sound plus a magical element of lighting located in the water itself.

The concept of a floating matrix of programmable LED ‘Dreamtime Dots’ evolved. It was apparent that no existing product would do, so a new variant of the illumination Physics ‘Data Dot’ was designed.

In the 1850s, the use of fire was pervasive for cooking and illumination, and the set of Aura makes use of gas fires in open places where it’s practical to do so. In enclosed spaces, such as tents and other small inferred fire sites, a solution from illumination Physics was used pervasively. A custom version of the illumination Physics Data Dot was produced with only amber and red LEDs. Programmed approximately in DMX, they produce a convincing flickering fire. Various simulated fires are created on the set.

Aura tells the same famous history, but now with all technical eloquence of today’s digital media. Technology is just part of the puzzle: immediately and importantly, the audience gets a fresh look at a creative interpretation of the drama that surrounded the events of what became known as the Eureka Stockade.

The drive to the diggings ends, and the audience are delivered firstly to an outdoor theatre which overlooks the small lake. Floating unseen in the lake is a matrix of LED pixels, the illumination Physics ‘Dreamtime Dots’ were customised for the project.

Hidden under the theatre is a powerful digital video projector. The display is a complete surprise when it happens. The far bank of the lake becomes a surface for projection, and the water becomes alive with sparkling lights that interact with the content of the video. The audience are told the story of the traditional owners of this part of Australia, the Wawawurrung people.

A few metres away is a recreated building of the period, the Golden Point Theatre. Although the front wall can open to allow the audience to see the ‘set’ which contains the diggings, the Eureka Hotel and other surprises, the theatre remains closed at first. The audience are ushered inside and seated, and the show begins with digital projection on the inside of the wall. The magic has begun, the scene is set, and the audience are now an audience of time travellers. The wall silently disappears, opening a view of the full width of the theatre and revealing the set for the first time. “My first impression is a view of great depth and scale.” Simon McCartney.

It is a dramatic night-time scene, bathed in LED moonlight; it is as though a day of mining has just come to a weary end. Cooking fires are burning convincingly but created out of amber and red custom LED Data Dots illumination Physics made especially for this purpose. In other cases, the fire is real. The Eureka Hotel does catch fire later on, very convincingly.

Illumination Physics is proud to have provided architectural and landscape lighting as well as several special lighting effects.

What ensues is a magnificent re-interpretation of a story that has been told at Sovereign Hill for 25 years. The latest technology has been applied generously, but it is the new creative treatment, the script, that drives the use of the digital illusions.

Sovereign Hill has long held the reputation for showcasing the most prominent night-time attraction in Victoria. This is no longer appropriate. It now stands as a shining example of a world-class attraction. 

Hanukkah Sameach – אני מאחל לך חנוכה שמח

We wish you a happy and blessed Christmas and a very happy, successful and prosperous New Year.


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