2023 Webinars

16 November: Don’t/Do This: Revolutionizing Residential Lighting by special guest speaker David Warfel, Madison, Wisconsin, USA – Founding Designer, Light Can Help You

19 October: Legal and Policy Trends Towards Light Pollution Mitigation by special guest speaker Yana Yakushina, Ghent, Belgium – Lawyer, Researcher, & Dark Sky Protection Educator, University of Ghent

5 October: 3D Digitization of buildings for lighting design using your smartphone by special guest speaker Martin Huber, Salzburg, Austria – Co-Founder & CEO, Metaroom App by Amrax

28 September: The Lighting of Heritage Buildings and How to Make Great Use of Shadows by special guest speaker David Gilbey, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Lighting Design Director, Diriyah Gate Development Authority

17 August: Lighting Intuition for Architects by special guest speaker, Angie Ohman, New York (NY), USA – Project Manager, Renfro Design Group

20 July: Introducing the The Lighting Police by special guest speaker, Katia Kolovea, founder of The Lighting Police

22 June: Good lighting design optimizes energy efficiency resulting in lower load on solar & inverter systems

16 May: International Day of Light: Celebration of Light by globally renowned Panos Ioannidis, founder of Lighting Design Magazine

20 April: Dialux Evo versus Relux Desktop – a factual comparison by experts

23 March: Emergency Lighting Standards – baring the whole truth

23 February: Lighting Design: Extra, Extra – learn all about it! Down to the real nitty gritty

26 January: Standards & Compliance: Consequences of Non-Compliance

2022 Webinars

24 November: The Influence & Impact of Lighting on the Environment & the Planet

20 October: Lighting Design Methodology from A to Z

22 September: Diversity in Lighting – Unique Topics

25 August: Lighting Design Pot Pourri

21 July: Lighting, the Power of Ideas by special guest speaker & renowned UK lighting Designer, David Gilbey

23 June: Sport Field Lighting

19 May: Outdoor Lighting

28 April: Lighting Design Philosophy & Practice

24 March: The gory detail about emergency lighting

17 February: Uncovering the real facts that impact Interior Lighting Standards

20 January: Let there be Light!

2021 Webinars

25 November: Light Fantastic! Discover light in a new & exciting way

14 October: Architect – Lighting Designer collaboration – A Discussion by International Experts

23 September: Emergency Lighting – The Full Ramifications: M & V, Testing, Recovery & Commissioning

2 September: Standards & Compliance – Why the Hype?

19 August: Spectral Quality and Characteristics of LED Lighting – the link to HCL and CLA

5 August: Facade Lighting by special guest speaker David Gilbey (Italy)

29 July: Landscape Lighting the Human Centric Way by special guest speaker Greg Segal (South Africa)

8 July: Hospitality Lighting Design

24 June: Retail Shop Lighting

10 June: Sport Lighting for Indoor & Outdoor Sports

20 May: Street & Road Lighting Design including Relux Desktop Demo

6 May: Security Lighting

22 April: Architectural Lighting – Residential, Commercial, Heritage & Historical Buildings

8 April: Lighting Design for the Hospital & Healthcare Environment

18 March: “Because we are lumen-beings” by special guest speaker Terry John (UK)

4 March: Circadian Light & Lighting

18 February: Commercial Lighting Case Study: Hotel Verde Zanzibar

4 February: Interior Lighting Design including Residential

2020 Webinars

10 December: UV Light Covid-19 Disinfection

26 November: Bluetooth Mesh

12 November: Lighting Design Software: Dialux versus Relux

29 October: Lighting for Industrial & Warehouse Environments

15 October: Lighting Design for Hospitals & the Healthcare Environment

1 October: Architectural Lighting for Heritage Buildings

17 September: The Intrigue of Colour (repeat)

10 September: The Fascination of Colour (repeat)

27 August: Retail Lighting – Let’s Get It Right!

20 August: Eliminating the Pitfalls of Lighting Systems when Specifying LED & 4IR Technology

13 August: Lighting Design Mistakes & Best Practise

6 August: Emergency Escape Lighting

23 July: Street & Pathway Lighting

16 July: Reviewing the Situation: Facing the Post Covid-19 Era

9 July: Light Nutrition by special guest speaker Terry John (UK)

2 July: The Intrigue of Colour

25 June: A walk through the Lighting Design Team & Design Process

18 June: Reviewing the Situation: The Current Reality for Lighting

11 June: Fourth Industrial Revolution

4 June: Lighting Economics

28 May: Lighting Design Concepts

21 May: The Spectral Quality of Light

14 May: Lighting Standards & Compliance

21 May: The Spectral Quality of Light

7 May: The Fascination of Colour (repeat)

23 April: A Detailed Look at 4IR Technologies & Controls

8 April: Lighting Design Concepts & Ethical Practise

2 April: Standards & Compliance, OHS & the Impact on Architecture

26 March: Lighting Economics

19 March: Human Centric Lighting

5 March: IES TM-24-13 Spectral Quality of Light

27 February: Standards & Compliance

20 February: An Introduction to the New Disruptive Lighting & Control Systems

12 February: The Fascination of Colour

6 February: The Fourth Industrial Revolution & It’s Impact on the Lighting Industry

2019 Webinars

28 November: Human-Centric Lighting – Better Productivity, Health & Well-Being

14 November: Spectral Quality of Light – An Eye Opener! (repeat)

31 October: Introduction to the New Disruptive Lighting & Control Systems

17 October: The Fourth Industrial Revolution & It’s Impact on the Lighting Industry

8 October: Spectral Quality of Light – An Eye Opener!

26 September: Standards & Compliance

17 September: Photometry Laboratory – It’s a Brilliant Plot!

10 September: Lighting Calculations – Logical, Easy & Fun