Lighting Matters: Reassessment & time to do things differently – Monthly Column featured in EE Publishers’ Vector Magazine

Following on with the theme in last month’s column, I have a question for you: have you ever carried out a re-assessment of yourself and your business or practice?

I have done this regularly over the years. Sometimes, it was with the help of a coach or another third party with expertise in a particular area of business. The results have always been valuable which enabled our businesses to go forward and thrive.

One of the outcomes of my most recent self and business re-assessment highlighted the hunger for live information and not typical online Google information. I realised that it was almost impossible for me to deliver live content to my students located throughout southern Africa and all over the world.

I began a quest for a suitable delivery system to bring live content to my students. After a search for suitable software, I found the best solution available, paid my dues and started to learn to use it.

The resulting live lectures (“webinars”) have been a resounding success. I will launch a five-part webinar series on 17 October 2019 for the members of the Cape Institute for Architecture (CIFA). It is accredited and validated by CIFA and members claim 0,2 CPD credits per webinar. The webinars are entirely free of charge. All webinars are recorded and participants receive copies of the recordings and a certificate of attendance.

The live webinars have proven, once again, that constant re-assessment is needed to identify new opportunities.

I hope that this example of my personal process has encouraged you to do the same. The dividends are extremely rewarding.

I wish the readers a happy festive and holiday season.



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