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As a lighting educator, I am very concerned about what I have observed over the last few years. In many instances where I interact with my students and notice that they do not read carefully, I can help them to correct their problems and I encourage them to read.

However, many students have enrolled for short courses over the last six months. The incidence of students (most of whom are professional engineers, technicians or architects) who stumbled had difficulty following instructions and generally failed to read the material provided.

It is my considered opinion that people hardly read books anymore. It has become too easy to rely on our favourite library, Google, for instant answers, and then only the answer to a specific question. The subject is never studied in full. This results in students having sketchy knowledge of subjects although they still consider themselves abreast of the developments in their fields.

I appeal to professionals and our readers to remain curious. Find time to read books, authoritative journals, institution magazines and other specialist magazines.

It is often said that knowledge is power. I would like to take it a step further and state that the application of knowledge. is power. There is a significant difference. The former merely means soaking up information and storing it in one’s brain. The latter means absorbing information on a subject and then applying it actively in the real world.

I spend many hours mentoring students in a bid to help them to overcome difficulties and to advance their proficiency. There are those who lack self-confidence to solve problems and who need that “something extra”. It gives me pleasure and so much fulfillment to see them go on to achieve great results.

My first Australian student graduated in July 2018. We have kept in contact since then; she is doing so well and has been recognised by the management of her company and her peers as an illumination engineer of good standing, with exceptional knowledge and practical accomplishments. Her success and that of other students is incredibly rewarding for me.

So, to conclude, I urge you to read to gain more knowledge that you can apply in your profession and then to read for enjoyment. It is food for the brain.

Thank you for following Lighting Matters, until next month, when I will resume more content about new lighting technologies.



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