Lighting Matters: Burning Question – Lighting Budget vs Investment – Monthly Column featured in EE Publishers’ Vector Magazine

I remember from days long past, how lighting almost always suffered budget cuts to the bare essentials because lighting was always only required near the end of projects.

LED lighting is mature. In fact, lighting has never been so exciting before and the quality LED product options are mind boggling.

But consulting engineers still tell me that (yes, you’ve guessed it) there are budget constraints and budget cuts for lighting.

Generally speaking, the South African lighting industry is known for the way in which we present our lighting designs, which usually includes offering clients the best in both lighting design and in quality products which bring amazing returns on investment.

LED is known for its long life expectancy, depending, of course, on the number of projected burn hours. LED lighting is a fantastic investment opportunity for any client. Clients will, in fact, not be able to realise better returns on any other form of investment.

In the same way, I ask myself why new technologies such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), Visible Light Communication (VLC), Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) and other technologies are not being offered on the many new projects around South Africa? Is it because professionals do not have knowledge and understanding of the technologies? Is it because they are wary of offering something that they have no hands-on experience of?

This is not a very good state of affairs. South Africa is always known for lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of technology uptake.



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