Illuminating the Path Forward – February 2021 Newsletter

It is hard to believe that January 2021 has come and gone so quickly.

2021 has started very well.  As most of you read, I have set myself a very full schedule of tasks.  Some of the tasks are running concurrently.  To refresh your memories with that list of tasks, here they are:

1.  All twenty nine of the modules, yes every module, will be revised and brought right up to date.  This will include the latest revisions and new directives from the CIE (International Commission on Illumination). So far 3 modules have been revised and updated.

2.  New video and documentary resources will be added to provide students with even a more exciting and stimulating online learning experience.

3.  The brand new manuals and exercise for RELUX Desktop will be launched in the first quarter of 2021.  This will incorporate all of the latest standards and CIE requirements making it a unique feature of the BHA School of Lighting Advanced Diploma course curriculum.  It is a mammoth task.  Progress is steady but slow.

4.  Individual private lessons will continue to be offered.

5.  Group tutoring sessions will be expanded.  I am preparing the first group work session for students on the fantastic ClickMeeting software platform where students will be grouped into small syndicates to solve the problems that will be set.  Each group will be sent to different online breakaway rooms.  They will be given limited time to solve the problem before being returned to the main online meeting room where each group will present their solution.  The sessions will be constructive and fun.

6.  A NEW webinar series will commence in February 2021.  The first webinar “Interior Lighting Design including Residential Design” will take place on 4 February 2021. If you would like to register click here to sign up.

7.  A NEW range of short courses on specific subjects will be launched in February 2021. They are almost ready for release.

8. A NEW task added to the list during January 2021, complete revision of the Master Diploma course which is an EQ8/NQ8 level course.  The release date is 1 May 2021.  There is a waiting list for limited enrolments per year.

I am sure that it is abundantly clear that our commitment to our students is as resolute as ever.  We continue to raise the bar in terms of content and excellence.

We are thrilled that we are working even closer with Relux Switzerland than ever before to be able to deliver the highest possible level of teaching for RELUX Desktop.

Several leading lighting companies in South Africa have taken the decision to enrol deserving staff for BHA School of Lighting courses.  Some of these companies have also decided to outsource the lighting design to BHA LIghting Design & Consulting, which  include consulting electrical engineering practices.

The registration for our webinars by attendees from all over the planet is so exciting.  When we first started presenting webinars, we never in our wildest dreams thought that so many attendees would haile from the international community.

I am always saddened to hear of students and associates who have lost loved ones and friends.  In these cases we have demonstrated our caring by pausing their course until they were ready to continue.

I have spent much time encouraging some students who battle with time management as a result in their falling behind with their own study plans.  If any student reflects and find that they too are battling with time management, contact me for assistance and mentorship.

I hope that you and your familes stay safe.  Put the bit between the teeth, seize all of the opportunities that come your way.

We would like to officially welcome the following new students to BHA School of Lighting:

Imagine Rakgakole Thabang, Magnitech, Johannesburg – BHASL003C19: Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course
Armand Gouws, Port Elizabeth – BHASL003C19: Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course
Mardi Hukie. Element Consulting Engineers, Cape Town – BHASL003C19: Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course

We encourage you to work hard and hope that you enjoy your learning experience with us.

Happy Birthday to the following students celebrating in February! We hope you all have a memorable day!

Cindy Montague, Pretoria – 9 February
Marius Hoffman, Pretoria – 11 February
Jennifer Harpe, San Mateo, USA – 13 February
Werner Cloete, Durban – 16 February
Chaitanya Dang, Raipur, India – 23 February
Peter Jonsson, Borlange, Sweden – 28 February

BHA School of Lighting is proud to congratulate:

Ryan Jones-Hockley on his graduation with distinction from the Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course

Join BHA School of Lighting’s “enLightened Community”

Our series of industry accredited live webinars have been developed to share lighting industry knowledge with build environment professionals which cover a vast range of interesting topics from the world of lighting.

Webinar Schedule (February – June 2021)

4 February: Interior Lighting Design including Residential – register here

25 February: Commercial Lighting Case Study: Hotel Verde Zanzibar

4 March: Circadian Lighting

18 March: Light Nutrition by special guest speaker Terry John (UK)

8 April: Hospital Lighting including Human-Centric Lighting

22 April: Architectural lighting – Residential & Heritage Buildings

6 May: Façade lighting for Commercial Buildings

20 May: Security Lighting

10 June: Street & Road Lighting Design using Relux Desktop

24 June: Sport Field Lighting

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Ushio scientists say they are ‘deeply concerned’ about the number of potentially unsafe products with a wavelength of 222 nanometres and have taken the unprecedented initiative of issuing an ‘industry health warning’.Credit: Soul Rider Photography

Scientists at Japanese LED giant Ushio are warning about the number of unfiltered far UV-C lamps set to come onto the market in 2021.

They say they’re deeply concerned about the production of potentially unsafe products with a wavelength of 222 nanometres and have taken the unprecedented initiative of issuing an ‘industry health warning’.

‘These devices present a severe risk to human health, if not correctly filtered’, they say.

The team at Ushio has also released what it terms the ‘cold, hard facts’.

‘The 222 nm excimer discharge lamps currently on the market are not mono-spectral.

‘The term ‘222 nm’ refers only to the peak wavelength. Other wavelengths are also emitted and many are harmful.

‘Even a Care222 lamp would be dangerous if there was no filter, because the lamp produces up to and beyond 260 nm.’
‘To be clear,’ Ushio continues, ‘the UV-C ‘safe zone’ is at 200 nm to 230 nm’.

The company says it has worked with global research institutions to figure out how to filter the harmful rays. Columbia University Irving Medical Center successfully produced a viable filter for Ushio’s products in the far UV spectrum.

‘The component which ensures our lamp remains safe for human exposure is that filter, and we have the worldwide exclusive rights to the technology,’ said the company in a statement.

‘The numerous researchers of 222 nm safety used our filtered lamps. ‘If anyone tries to sell you an unfiltered 222 nm discharge lamp, supposedly ‘safe for human exposure’, walk away.’


One of the UK’s leading lighting manufacturers is calling on commercial building managers to future-proof their lighting systems in response to a major shift towards more flexible working models.

Tamlite Lighting says that with a growing number of employees adopting a hybrid working style, office buildings will need to prepare for reduced occupancy levels and changes in density ratios. This is backed by independent survey carried out by the British Council for Offices (BCO).

It found that Britain is set to move to a ‘mixed’ working style, as time in the office is balanced with time at home.

As a result, Tamlite says it is more important than ever for building managers to ensure they have greater control and flexibility of their lighting systems.  The key to achieving this will be investment in the integration of the latest lighting control systems.

In addition, these systems can help align building performance with any net-zero ambitions companies may have through reduced energy consumption.

This is particularly timely following the publication of guidance from the UK Green Buildings Council (UKGBC) on delivering net zero carbon buildings, with a Government consultation on energy performance disclosure for commercial buildings expected by the end of this year (2020).

‘The commercial property sector may be undergoing a period of change,’ Colin Lawson, head of market Intelligence at Tamlite, told Lux.
‘However, the death of the office should not be exaggerated. Whilst employees’ working habits are changing, there is still a strong desire to spend time in the office.

‘The real-estate sector is faced with a double-pronged challenge.

‘There is now a top-down commitment by many organisations to reduce carbon emissions, plus it is more important than ever to create working environments that are fit for purpose now, and in the future.

‘Lighting has a key role to play in achieving both these ambitions.

‘As the need for lighting systems to perform both effectively and cost-effectively has become more acute, so has the demand for solutions that offer a greater degree of control, flexibility and connectivity.

‘Incorporating controls and sensors in an office environment means the right levels of illumination can easily be provided when and where it’s needed. It also allows building managers to make informed decisions on how the building is being used and make corresponding amendments to lighting schedules and settings.

‘With an ever-growing focus on circular economy, enhanced occupant well-being and greater control of energy consumption, the needs of end-users in these key areas can all be achieved simply through the power of simpler, smarter lighting.’

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