EE Publishers’ Vector Magazine – Best Technical Article Award 2017

Featured in the March Edition of EE Publishers’ Vector Magazine –

Vector magazine invites its readers annually to participate in a survey to identify the best locally-written technical article published during the year.

This year Philip Hammond, Director & Illumination Engineer, of BHA Lighting Design & Consulting was voted the 2017 winner for his article, “The benefits of human-centric lighting,” which was published in September 2017 issue of Vector.

BHA Educate

The article presents findings on the effects of lighting on human health, with reference to human-centric lighting, which adjusts daily rhythms and affects biological and emotional well-being.

Please join us in congratulating Phil, we are proud of all you have done for the lighting industry in South Africa!

As the winning author Phil received a GLM 100 C Professional Laser Measure, sponsored by Bosch.

Phil, “Thanks to all the readers for voting for my article, I really appreciate your support! To Mark Botha and his team at Vector thank you for including my technical articles in your magazine and lastly thanks to Bosch for the high-tech laser measure, I will most certainly make good use of the device!”