BHASL004C21: Understanding the Spectral Richness of LED Light in Lighting Design

This course has been developed to educate architects, electrical engineers, interior designers, lighting professionals & other build environment professionals about the spectral richness of LED light sources. By the end of this course you will discover that LED lighting systems offer additional energy savings to give your client an excellent ROI by gaining a thorough understanding of new revolutionary lighting design techniques which are required in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Qualification: Certificate

Duration:  14 Days Part Time e-Learning (open course start date)

Cost: USD345 | ZAR5000

CPD Credits: Students who are registered with SAIA, SAIAT, & CESA may apply for CPD credits for part-time study.

Subjects covered in this short course:


  • Module 1: Light & the Human Eye
  • Module 2: The Phenomenon of Vision
  • Module 3: The Perception of Colour
  • Module 4: Human Centric Lighting
  • Module 5: Visual Efficient Lighting (EVE) for Visually Demanding Tasks including the Spectral Qualities of Light
  • Module 6: Standards & Compliance, CIE Directives, Circadian Lighting & Circadian Stimulus
  • Module 7: Lighting Result Measurement (Measurement & Verification)


Please note the course duration is 14 days which includes the completion of an Online Examination.