BHASL002C20: Primary Lighting Course

This course is designed for the aspirant student who is hesitant about embarking on the full two- year Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering course which consists of the first five Modules of our premier course.


Qualification: Certificate

Duration: 120 Days e-Learning (open course start date)

Cost: USD590 | ZAR8500

CPD Credits: Students who are registered with SAIA, SAIAT, & CESA may apply for CPD credits for part-time study.

Special Provision: Students who elect to enrol on BHASL003C19: Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering Course will receive full academic credit for the modules completed in the Primary Lighting Course. They will also receive full financial relief (credit) for the cost of the Primary Lighting Course which will be deducted from the cost of the Advanced Diploma in Illumination Engineering course.

Topics to be covered which include a test after each module:


Module 1: Introduction: Nature of light, radiation, visible spectrum, production of the visible spectrum, the prism spectroscope, spectra of common light sources, spectral energy distribution diagrams, energy distribution diagrams, colour of light, polarisation, production and absorption of polarised light, polarisation of reflection, uses of polarisation.

Module 2: Production of Light: Forms of luminesence: 1.  Thermo-luminesence; 2. Electro-luminesence; 3.  Photo-luminesence; 4. Chemi-luminesence.

Module 3: Controlling Light: Absorption, transmission, reflection, factors of each, refraction, critical angle and total internal reflection, refraction by parallel-sided blocks and by prisms.

Module 4: Colour: Visible spectrum, colour mixing, colour rendition of light sources, colour matching, colour specification.

Module 5: Light and the Eye & The Phenomenon of Vision: Structure of the eye, defects of vision, accommodation, fixation, contrast, sensitivity, visibility curve, Purkinje effect, Adaptation, persistence of vision, glare, visual acuity, fatigue, contrast, speed of vision.