BHASL006c21: Effects of Glare in the Workplace (Health & Safety for Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Applications)

This short course focusing entirely on glare caused by lighting has been developed to give build environment professionals a detailed understanding about the dangers and effects of glare in the workplace & how mitigating interventions can be applied to minimise or elimate glare.

Qualification: Certificate

Duration: 7 Days Part Time e-Learning (open course start date)

Cost: USD210 | ZAR3000

CPD Credits: Students who are registered with SAIA, SAIAT, & CESA may apply for CPD credits for part-time study.

Course Content


  • Module 1: Forms of Glare & Definitions
  • Module 2: Disability Glare
  • Module 3: Discomfort Glare
  • Module 4: Reflected Glare
  • Module 5: Glare in Emergency Escape Situations
  • Module 6: Standards & Compliance
  • Module 7: Mitigating Interventions to Minimise or Eliminate Glare


Please note the course duration is 7 days which includes the completion of an Online Examination.