Master Diploma in Illumination Engineering

1 Year Online Advanced Lighting Course

Enrolment Criteria

To be able to enrol for this course, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have completed the Diploma in Illumination Engineering OR
  2. Hold a B Illum Engr degree AND
  3. Should have at least 5 years work experience in lighting
  4. Should be registered with a professional body.
  • All material, video and documentary resources available online
  • 1 Year duration
  • Comprises 12 modules
  • Practical field work after each module
  • 200, 000 word dissertation required
  • Individual Student progress is monitored week by week by the educator
  • Personal mentoring by the educator


Module 32: Grow Light Technology

Module 33: Lighting for Offices

Module 34: Lighting for Healthcare

Module 35: Lighting for Healthcare

Module 36: Lighting for Parking Garages

Module 37: Lighting for Retail

Students are required to submit a 200,000 word dissertation from a choice of five selected topics

Module 38: Lighting for Education

Module 39: Lighting for Industry

Module 40: Outdoor Lighting

Module 41: Outdoor Lighting

Module 42: Outdoor Lighting

Module 43: Outdoor Lighting

Dissertation: Students will be required to submit a 200 000 word dissertation which will be assessed initially by Philip Hammond and finally by a panel comprising professional engineers and academics from the illumination and built environment community.